Session 22: Tracking Down Zelia

The party now on the forest floor began their search for Zelia Farstrider, the Valor-Scout. Coming out of the forest and into a treacherous canyon complex the party was attacked my a group of bulettes. After killing one of them, the rest of them fled back through the canyonside. At the this point, the beleaguered party decided that it was time to rest and found a shallow cave as a respite.

The rest was brief but necessary after successfully navigating the blockade over the skies of northern Tyrond. Emerging from the cave that was refuge for a scant few hours, the outside is no less friendly than it was before. In the air hangs the sound war: gunfire, thunderous explosion, and the whip-crack of mighty spell engines.

The terrain is foreboding: this close to the desolation, the land is cracked and scarred. The elemental darkness is seeping through the very fabric of reality and pressing down on the body and soul of everyone present. Worse, still, the unshakable feeling that Hadiel, the powerful demon-lieutenant you fought on the gunship, is still out in the distance, looming, and seeking to hunt you down.

The party continued their search for Zelia. The canyons offered more bulettes which the party successfully kept at bay. During one of the attacks, the Gunslinger teleported to high ground and noticed a massive thunderstorm rolling in from the ocean.

After getting out of the canyon complex, the party emerged and was faced with crossing a vast prairie to make it to their ultimate destination, a forest where they believed Zelia has been pinned down in a prolonged gunfight. Crossing the field, the storm threw down wicked strikes of lightning and created lightning elementals that the party had to defeat. With some quick thinking, Esbin decided to cast protection from lightning on the party to cross the remaining portion of the field without harm.


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