Session 20: The Gunship Battle Continued

The Heroes continued their adventure in the skies over northern Tyrond desperately trying to make it past the blockade to their drop point where they plan to search for the stranded Zelia Farstrider. The Heroes foiled the next wave but not without taking heavy damage as the Darkfolk-piloted airships fired round and round of cannon barrage into the mercenary ship, The Jackal’s Smile. At one point, Fitch thwarted an attempt by the Darkfolk to place a bomb onto their ship.

After defeating that wave and using the intermittent time to heal up the heroes were ready for the next set of adversaries. A Vrock, telepathically speaking to the heroes, issued an ultimatum to surrender to his leader, Hadiel, or be destroyed. The heroes did not heed his offer and, as such, the vrock teleported himself onto the Jackal’s Smile and released a sonic screech temporarily stunning the party. Despite the heroes taking heavy damage, the Gunslinger landed a critical hit on the vrock, killing it.

With Esbin summoning crocodiles and earth elementals on the various enemy gunships disabling their crews. With some more shots fired from the Jackal’s Smile, the heroes managed to get past this wave of foes. In the distance, however, the commander of the blockade, Hadiel, still waits.


Tdawgk9 Tdawgk9

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