Session 21: To the Drop Point

The party continued through the blockade. The Jackal’s Smile took even more damage as it attempted to navigate the massive amounts of gunfire. The heroes battled against more ogre magi and another vrock. After an extended fight, the party emerged victorious and continued deeper past the blockade.

The final encounter in the blockade was against Hadiel himself, a mythic vrock of immense power. Hadiel teleported onto the Jackal’s Smile and unleashed a dance of ruin that ripped through the party’s ship causing it to begin to lose control mid flight. The party took massive damage as Hadiel and his minions laid into the party with all they had. With the gunship spiraling out of control both Moria and Esbin lost balance and fell off causing them to have to deploy their parachutes. The Gunslinger teleported onto one of the enemy ships to continue firing at Hadiel. The bard, Harrington, while below deck, cast invisibility and went above deck to pull the fallen dwarf off the ship and cast featherfall.

The remaining party member, the Magus, Fitch, was surrounded by Hadiel, two vrocks, and the remaining enemy gunships still sieging the Jackal’s Smile. Seeing little chance for survival, Fitch decided to take out the artifact that Rex’tarian had given him and snapped it, summoning Rex’tarian to the encounter. Rex’tarian then stopped time and asked what Fitch would like to happen. Wishing for Fitch’s safety, as well as his fellow party members, Rex’tarian obliged and teleported them to the safety of the forest floor at the surface of the planet.

The party then regrouped to discuss what to do next.


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