Session 23: To the Waygate

The party, after rescuing the wayward valor company, made their way out of the burning forest. Several days pass and during the trek to the abandoned valor camp the party decided to ask Zelia about her previous missions.

The party learned a few very important pieces of information:

First, Zelia had been recently exploring the Thunderpeak Isles, specifically investigating the dragon that was there. The dragon has been using his magic to imbue the forces of the Desolation with powerful magic before they have been landing into Northern Tyrond to bolster the rebellion’s. forces.

Second, approximately two months ago, Zelia had met a man named Sloan that wound up saving her life. The man was noteworthy because of his exceptional skill with a gun. She reported that he was seeking out his apprentice because he “needs to complete his training”.

Third, a high priest of Ixion has taken over the town of Zengyi near the main battlefront for the rebellion. It is a pivotal military location and the town is now actively allied with the forces of the Desolation.

Eventually, the party made it to the ruins of the valor camp where they met a Valor Captain who was stationed there. After speaking with him the party began to notice that something was amiss. The captain had made references to a “Courage Venra” that the Wizard-Extraordinaire Esbin Timorel had noted had lived over a thousand years ago. Eventually, they convinced the captain to let them proceed to the waygate and were escorted by a host of undead soldiers.

At that moment, however, the wardrums and beying of a hound signaled that the Hadiel’s troops have arrived. The valor captain, revealing himself as a powerful Mummy Lord, pulled his radiant sword and prepared for battle. The captain then commanded the party to get to the waygate with haste while they defend them from the coming battle.


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